2021 Parental Consent and Code of Conduct

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Parental/Guardian Consent Form for Activities (Blanket Permission)

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Code of Conduct

For your information, we expect each student to conform to these rules of conduct.

Possession or use of alcohol, drugs or tobacco is not allowed

Students cannot drive

Fighting will not be tolerated.

Weapons (including knives), fireworks, lighters, or explosives are not allowed.

Offensive or immodest clothing is not allowed

No boys in girls’ sleeping quarters and no girls in boys’ sleeping quarters

Participation with the group is expected

Respect property, staff, one another, and leaders is expected

Respect and comply with event schedules.

Respect personal boundaries. Inappropriate contact will not be tolerated

No pairing off, students must be in groups of three or more.

Students who fail to comply with these expectations may be sent home at their parents’ expense.
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Parents/guardians please print this form, sign, date, and return to Pastor Rick or the church office:


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